Media: Senate to take up Trump impeachment case an hour after Biden’s inauguration

Politico newspaper notes that the US president-elect’s staffing and legislative agenda is likely to clash directly with the impeachment process of the incumbent leader in the Senate


Media: Senate to take up Trump impeachment case an hour after Biden's inauguration

Politico reported in its electronic version on Thursday that the US Senate will begin examining the charges against 45th US President Donald Trump as part of his impeachment proceedings, expected just an hour after the inauguration of Washington’s next chief of staff Joseph Biden, due on January 20.

“The examination of the allegations against Trump by the House of Representatives will begin in the Senate on January 20 at 1pm local time (9pm Moscow time), unless all 100 members of the upper house of the legislature decide otherwise. The likelihood of that happening, however, is slim. In the meantime, the American leader’s inauguration ceremony, which this time falls on January 20th, will traditionally take place on the steps of the Capitol at noon sharp”, –  the article says.

In addition, the article stresses that the consent of all senators will also be required to decide on the parallel proceedings to impeach Trump and review and approve Biden’s staff appointments and the implementation of his legislative initiatives.

“Thus, Biden’s staffing and legislative agenda will likely clash directly with Trump’s impeachment process in the Senate”, – Politico notes.