DPR prepares for Sputnik-V vaccination

The Russian vaccine Sputnik-V will arrive in the Donetsk People’s Republic as early as January this year, and the republic is currently making preparations – preparing places where the vaccine will be stored and vaccination will be conducted

DPR prepares for Sputnik-V vaccination

On January 13 Denis Pushylin, the leader of the DNR, made the announcement during a meeting of the interdepartmental operational headquarters for the prevention of the entry and spread of the coronavirus infection, according to his official website. First of all, according to Pushilin, it is planned to vaccinate employees of healthcare institutions, educational institutions, social sphere workers who come into contact with people and law enforcement agencies.

“Preparations are under way now – places where vaccine will be stored and where vaccinations will be administered are being prepared. Lists are also being prepared. First of all, we will vaccinate employees of health care, education institutions, social workers who come in contact with people, and the security forces. Once again, I’d like to stress that vaccinations are optional, and lists are being compiled based on this”, – Pushilin said. Once vaccination is given to priority categories of people, vaccination will be started for everyone who wants to get vaccinated in the DPR.

According to Denis Pushilin, currently the epidemiological situation in the DPR “remains stable, under control, and the safety margin is quite serious” – the covids are equipped with beds, oxygen concentrators and ventilators have also been purchased with a reserve earlier.

According to official data from the republic’s Ministry of Health, 854 cases of coronavirus infection (38.4%) have been diagnosed in the past 24 hours, with 16 patients clinically and epidemiologically diagnosed with COVID-19.

As of the morning of January 14 there were 17,158 registered and confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in Donetsk people’s republic, of which 5,645 patients were hospitalized and outpatients, 9,999 were discharged and 1,514 cases had lethal outcome.


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