Dodon says crisis in Moldova provoked by inaction of new president

According to the former head of state, the socialists decided to convene an executive committee meeting on January 18 to discuss the political situation

The political crisis in Moldova has been triggered by the inactivity of President Maia Sandu. The leader of the country’s largest Party of Socialists and former head of state Igor Dodon said on Friday.

“There is a political, constitutional and governmental crisis in the country, provoked by the inaction of the current president”, –  Dodon wrote on Facebook.

In this regard, he said, the Socialists, who have the largest representation in parliament, decided to convene a meeting of the executive committee on 18 January to discuss the political situation.

Sandu’s inauguration took place on 24 December. The republic’s prime minister, Ion Kiku, resigned to allow the government and parliament to be reformatted after the presidential election. This was insisted upon by the new president, as well as by the parliamentary opposition supporting her and the organisers of protests in Chisinau.

Last week, MPs from the pro-European Action and Solidarity Party, formerly led by Sandu, asked the Constitutional Court of Moldova to consider a two-thirds vote to dissolve parliament. They explained that this could speed up the procedure and avoid many risks amid the pandemic and economic crisis in the country.

Acting Justice Minister Fadey Nagaczewski said that the president’s actions against the government and parliament “border on usurpation of power”. He recalled that under the constitution, the president has the right to dissolve an incapacitated parliament. However, in order to do this, it is necessary to confirm the incapacity of MPs to pass laws within three months or to approve a new government within two months.


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