Austrian interests in the Caucasus

The interests of the Austrian economy in Russia are well known, but some circles in Austria are now concentrating on cooperation with different states in the Caucasus

Austrian interests in the Caucasus

One example of this is the Austrian-Abkhazian Society.

Not only has a commission been established in Vienna, which seeks to strengthen international contacts between Abkhazia and Russia, but it also has members from Finland to the Congo and from the Caribbean to Russia.

An “Institute for Strategic Studies” has now been established under the Austrian-Abkhaz Society, which will study political, social and economic developments in the Caucasus and it will also prepare analyses of international events for the Abkhazian state structures.

According to Secretary General of the Austrian-Abkhazian Society Patrick Poppel, this unit of the organisation is now also engaged in active scientific activities.

“Our aim is not only to promote people-to-people diplomacy, but also to make a scientific contribution. For a small region like Abkhazia, it is also important to share scientific experiences”, –  Poppel said.

The focus is now on geopolitical analysis because of the tense security situation in the Caucasus.

Patrick Poppel, specially for News Front


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