Washington protester becomes Trump’s lawyer in impeachment case

US President Donald Trump’s legal team will be joined by a law professor who spoke at a rally before protesters stormed the Capitol.

Eastman and Giuliani at a rally in support of Trump

As previously reported by News Front, the US House of Representatives still approved a resolution to impeach Trump. The document was supported by 232 legislators, including 10 Republicans, and 197 opposed.

The further fate of this campaign will be decided in the Senate. It will take a two-thirds majority to get the initiative through the upper house of parliament. That is, at least 17 Republicans must oppose the president. Presumably, the Senate vote will take place on Friday, January 15th.

Meanwhile, Trump has recruited 60-year-old law professor John Eastman to join his lawyers, Reuters reported, citing his own sources.

Americans could contemplate Eastman at the Trump rally, which took place before the storming of the US Congress building. During the protests, he stated that the presidential elections were rigged, for which he later paid with his job at the University of California Chapman.

True, Eastman did not remain without work for long. Two sources familiar with the situation said the lawyer has joined Rudolph Giuliani’s team and will defend Trump as part of the impeachment process.

Giuliani declined to comment on the situation, and Eastman did not confirm, but did not deny the information, citing attorney privilege.

“If the President of the United States asked me to think about how to help him, I would definitely consider it”, – he evasively told reporters.