US police more often attack left-wing protesters, but there is one caveat

Left-wing extremists, in particular the Black Lives Matter group, were three times more likely to face police aggression than right-wing radicals.

American researchers presented to the public the results of their observations of the actions of the police, thereby giving rise to the indignation of the liberals. The information was taken from the US Crisis Monitor database, which was created last spring by staff at Princeton University and the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data project.

ACLED is a non-profit organization that previously tracked civil unrest in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. Now its employees are watching the chaos in the United States and are coming to the conclusion that local police are discriminating against left-wing protesters.

Observations over the past 10 months have shown that US law enforcement has used tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets to a large extent in demonstrations by the left-wing extremist organization Black Lives Matter. At rallies in support of Donald Trump and other demonstrations of the right, according to ACLED, there is much less police violence.

Since April 2020, over 13,000 protests have taken place in the United States, and most of them were peaceful. At the same time, police aggression was recorded at 511 rallies of the left (4.7% of all their shares) and only 33 rallies (1.4%) of the right. That is, according to the researchers, the police were 3 times more likely to use force against left-wing protesters than against right-wing protesters.

True, according to updated information from the same ACLED, 94% of the left-wing demonstrations over the past ten months have been peaceful. On the right, this figure is 2% higher.