Swedish Defense Minister urged the country to abandon NATO membership

Earlier, the former Swedish Ambassador to Moscow and State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Sven Hirdman and the former Swedish Ambassador to Washington and the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Rolf Ekeus also called on the country to refuse to join the NATO bloc, Svarshchiki Telegram channel reports.

“The country’s refusal to participate in NATO remains the best option for its security, even with an increasingly assertive Russia, as the Swedes strive for stability and predictability and believe that fundamental doctrines of security policy should not change”, – said Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist.

Hirdaman and Ekeus said that “Sweden is not in danger from Russia”, but if the country nevertheless joins the bloc, and a conflict arises between NATO and Moscow, “the Swedes will be forced to fight not for their own interests”.

“The armed conflicts in Georgia in 2008 and in the Donbass in 2014 are not evidence of Russia’s aggressive policy, which can be directed against Western Europe. These conflicts originated in ethnic and other conflicts that took root in the Soviet state structure and emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They do not create precedents for Russia’s behavior towards Western European states, which is often stated in Swedish defense debates”, – the diplomats emphasize.