Sandu has problems with the promised European integration of Moldova

During the presidential race, Maia Sandu made a big bet on rapprochement with the European Union, but now it turned out that she lacks political resources.

Sandu won the elections largely thanks to the votes of the Moldovan diaspora in Western countries. Such voters were impressed by the opposition leader’s promises regarding the implementation of the association agreement with the EU.

After becoming president, Sandu found that her powers were very limited, said the Moldovan political scientist Igor Volnitsky. Although Sandu won the election, she is still “not part of the de facto power that runs the country”.

Maya Sandu is scheduled to meet with representatives of the European Union on January 18-19. According to the already established tradition, the parties will exchange ostentatious courtesies. For example, as the expert explains, Chisinau will emphasize the invariability of the European course of the Republic of Moldova, and Brussels will promise to support the republic on this path. In reality, one should not wait for specifics, Volnitsky is sure.

“Maia Sandu became president, but did not receive the fullness of real power that she declared and hoped for”, – he stated.