Russian Forign Ministry says “redrawing” of the media market begins in U.S.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on her Facebook page that the blocking of the current US President Donald Trump on social networks dealt a blow to the democratic values ​​declared by the West, reports TASS.

“The decision of American Internet platforms to block the head of state can be compared to a nuclear explosion in the cyber environment: the destruction is not as terrible as the consequences. A blow has been dealt to the democratic values ​​declared by the Western community; In one fell swoop, both darknet apologists and advocates of strict censorship received a reinforced concrete argument in defending their approaches; the reshaping of the media market and the largest digital migration began”, – Zakharova wrote.

She also noted that in Russia the information sphere is regulated by laws, and in the States “by endless chaotic decisions that represent a wild synthesis of populism, threats, lobbying, intricacies of law and public opinion”.

Previously, Twitter permanently blocked Donald Trump’s account in connection with “fears that he could provoke unrest”. Also, the American leader was deprived of the opportunity to post on Facebook and Instagram until the expiration of his powers.