Plans to nationalize anthem of blacks in U.S.

The Congress believes that changing the usual US anthem for a song popular with blacks will “rally” a country where conservative discontent is growing rapidly.

The initiative was sponsored by James Cliburn, a black Democratic congressman from the District of Columbia. He proposed that the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” be the anthem of the United States, an unspoken black hymn of faith and fortitude.

“I think making it the national anthem is to unite the country”, – says Cliburn.

“This step in itself would be an act of healing. Everyone will be able to identify themselves with this song”.

The song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” is an important part of black culture in the United States. It is regularly performed at various awards ceremonies. However, the song’s popularity is limited to the black community. In this regard, Cliburn believes that the song must be imposed on the whole of America, which is now experiencing a dangerous split in society.

It is obvious that the very idea of ​​provoking even greater tension in a country where black racism has been growing for quite a long time. For example, recently, Americans could observe a conversation between two black journalists from prominent liberal media discussing the idea of ​​”deprogramming” whites. The term is usually applied to the procedure for removing a person from a sect.