“No way avoiding it” – commander-in-chief of Ukrainian army calls on to be friends with Russia

Kiev is confident that cooperation with Russia will resume after Ukraine stops the punitive operation in Donbass.

The armed conflict in Donbass began back in 2014. Then the inhabitants of the region protested against the nationalist ideas of the regime that came to power in Ukraine as a result of a coup. To suppress protest sentiments, Kiev sent radical militants and even a regular army to Donbass.

Since the use of the Armed Forces against civilians was prohibited by the constitution, the revolutionary regime began to claim that it was waging a war with Russia in the Donbas.

“If the war ends, if certain political decisions are made, then we will have to build relations with our neighbor, the Russian Federation, over time. There is no way avoiding it”, – said Ruslan Khomchak, a war criminal and commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the same time, defending the official position of Kiev, he stressed that first Russia supposedly “must answer” for the destroyed houses and thousands of deaths as a result of the Ukrainian aggression.