Migrants to be forced to learn state language in Sweden

Migrants arriving in Sweden will have to prove their knowledge of the Swedish language if they want to obtain local citizenship.

According to the bill, migrants will have to pass a language proficiency test before applying for citizenship. The check involves two stages: the first is devoted to language proficiency and will cost 2 thousand crowns, the second – to the knowledge of the kingdom’s civil society, it will cost 500 crowns for migrants.

Foreigners will have to demonstrate proficiency in Swedish at the A2 level. This is the second of six language proficiency levels. Such high requirements will apply to persons aged 16 to 66, with the exception of persons with disabilities. The parliament will consider this bill in the near future.

It should be noted that in 2018, against the background of an influx of migrants, Arabic became the second most common language in Sweden.

“In terms of languages, Sweden has passed a historic milestone: Arabic is now Sweden’s second most common mother tongue”, – said local linguist Mikael Parkwall.