Media told what service Biden did to Kim Jong-un

In destructive politics, Joe Biden may well compete with his predecessor. Thus, an elderly democrat provokes a crisis, although he has not even taken office as president of the United States.

Despite the highly questionable policies of Donald Trump, in one area he showed an unexpected desire for a settlement. It’s about the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Trump’s friendly approach pushed Kim Jong-un into conciliatory actions. For example, Pyongyang demonstrated a large test range and introduced a moratorium on missile launching.

Through Biden’s efforts, these achievements can be leveled, writes Die Welt. The Democrat said during the debate that he intends to build up his military presence in order to put pressure on North Korea. At the same time, Biden called Kim Jong-un a “gangster” and even compared him with Adolf Hitler.

With such rhetoric, Biden is only doing Kim Jong-un a favor. Now nothing prevents Pyongyang from resuming the build-up of nuclear weapons. Last week, the head of the DPRK announced the improvement of the republic’s nuclear weapons and called the United States the country’s “biggest enemy”.

Die Welt believes that political war has been declared on Biden, because North Korean missiles are threatening the American contingent in South Korea. At the same time, escalating the situation, Biden is not able to answer Kim, at least now. The democrat only announced his readiness to meet with the North Korean leader, but only after Pyongyang agreed to disarmament. In fact, this means that a meeting is unlikely.