Inauguration of U.S. President becomes symbol of division of Americans

Recent events have changed the United States so much that the authorities are preparing for the inauguration, a symbol of American democracy, as for a natural disaster.

As News Front reported, recently, the US Secret Service has begun preparations for the inauguration of Joe Biden and is organizing the mobilization of security officials. So, in addition to thousands of police officers and special forces, at least 15,000 National Guard soldiers will be on duty in Washington.

Previously, the inauguration was an event the purpose of which was to raise the spirit of the nation, says Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov. Now the celebration has turned into a “semi-underground event”.

“The United States has changed a lot: they are preparing for the inauguration like a natural disaster. From a solemn event designed to raise the spirit of the nation and strengthen its unity, the inauguration has turned into a symbol of the split of the nation and a semi-underground event requiring super-security measures”, – the politician said.