Yuri Selivanov: Lesson the world will never forget

The American strategy of imposing a world Maidan has lost its moral and political basis after the auto-da-fe of democracy held in Washington

So many words have been written about American “double standards” and “this is different” in recent days that it would seem that the topic has been completely exhausted. I am afraid, however, that this is not an entirely correct impression.

Modern liberalism, in its true and original fascist color, as another hypostasis of the eternal aggressive and xenophobic leaven of the West, in the foreseeable period of historical time will only provide new reasons for confirming its Nazi nature.

Moreover, the intellectual level of its current speakers and apologists is such that it leaves no doubt about “who is who”. The new “beacon” of the “freedom and democracy” there, without five minutes, US President Joseph Biden will not let him lie:

“They should be treated as a group of thugs, insurgents, white supremacists, anti-Semites… They are bandits, and they are terrorists, internal terrorists”,

So, without any further ado, he called the citizens of his country only because they performed exactly the same actions, and on a much more modest scale than those that, in similar cases in other countries, the United States authorities not only warmly support as “the highest manifestation of democracy”, but also generously pay for such “festivities”.

Biden without equivocation and publicly recorded that in America exactly the same thing is called “this is different”. And thus, he sent a clear signal to the whole world, which will definitely not go unnoticed.

Not that the West’s “double standards” are particularly new. Suffice it to recall the US-led NATO armed attack on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, from which the autonomous region of Kosovo and Metohija was torn away by open armed aggression. Then the Yankees took advantage of the fact that not everyone in the world even knows where Kosovo is and “what they eat it with”. They immediately declared this seizure an “exceptional case”, which, they say, does not in any way contradict their concrete loyalty to international law. And, of course, these are not double standards.

So what they did in Kosovo will obviously not work this time. Because the matter was not in some godforsaken Balkan province, but in the very, that neither is, the citadel of “world democracy”, in the very building of the American Congress. That is, something happened that the whole world will surely perceive as a historical precedent and learn as a guide to action. Even in spite of the inevitable in such cases fierce opposition from Western special propaganda.

The American authorities have set very clear and unequivocal limits to what they previously loudly encouraged and financially supported in most other countries of the world – riot, revolution, overthrow of the legitimate government, violent seizure of government buildings and attacks on law enforcement. Or, at least, they turned a blind eye to the wildest excesses, which were simply impossible to justify and therefore had to be completely silenced. A typical example is the long-term conspiracy of silence by Western politicians and the media around the absolutely fascist atrocity – the mass burning of unarmed people in Odessa.

Until now, it was so that the United States, at the very least, retained the throne of the supreme world arbiter of “democracy”, determining the measure of compliance with that of all the others. But after, in relation to the most typical representatives of the democratic forces, who, if they used violence, it was only forced and in the most homeopathic doses (and in general, it is very similar to the fact that they were killed and maimed in the Capitol – public activists, and not supporters of the “regime”) were used the most severe and even cruel measures of state coercion and such an example shamelessly shown to the world, everything changed radically.

Now the US authorities, if they, according to their old habit, decide to sponsor another “people’s revolution” somewhere abroad, hoping to intimidate, or pity local rulers and ordinary people with tearful, snotty lamentations about “innocent children”, they will receive such a concrete shock, which earlier, at the time of their “democratic orthodoxy,” they simply could not get it. They will simply begin to poke their muzzles into their own shit, showing how they themselves act in such cases and what they call for.

Actually it has already begun. In Belarus, whose president, even before the current “Washington precedent”, was well aware of what the modern version of the West’s fascist aggression looks like, and that is why he picked up a machine gun. That was quite enough for America with its priestly lackeys to do it “at the most”.

And then it will only get worse for the States. It is easy to imagine what curses and other unprintable expressions addressed to Biden and his “democrats” are being poured right now (of course, only mentally, aloud, mercantile interests do not allow), his attachments in all those countries where local “fifth columns” have been praying for many years. American “democratic” idol. And they fully rely on his indispensable support in any of the most lawless adventures to seize power.

Here, you know, they are already dragging revolutionary cobblestones to the Kremlin and preparing tires for the future “triumph of democracy”, and at this time from Washington itself a paralyzing shout is heard! According to which all this five-column fraternity automatically turns from “the best people of the country” and “beacons of democratic freedoms” into the most natural scumbags. Or, again according to Biden, in bandits, rapists, rebels and domestic terrorists. That is, it loses that very halo of innocence and righteousness, which was previously their main panacea and paralyzed all enemies. And it turns into a crowd of the most natural endured and outcasts, who will not be beaten now only by the very lazy.

And if Biden, contrary to hopes, vyaket something, in the old fashioned way, in defense of “peaceful protesters”, then he will quickly wipe his nose with his own quotes about how to deal with the malevolent internal terrorists. And not only by quotations, but also by the corresponding repressive practice of the overseas authorities.

In fact, this was the end of the American strategy of imposing a global Maidan, the success of which was based not so much on American military power and American money, but on the prohibitively inflated “moral authority” of the United States as a teacher of democracy for the whole world. Today America itself has voluntarily renounced this role. And it happened in such a convincing format, on such a well-lit stage, that the consequences of this auto-da-fe of democracy will be truly global and irreversible. In fact, the world has lost that point of reference, which for many was previously absolute. And in this new world, America is no longer a “crystal city of democracy on a hill” and not even “this is another” but the most, that neither is, an ordinary country that solves its problems in the same way as everyone else. And, therefore, not particularly interesting to anyone.

This, of course, does not mean an immediate end to the United States itself. But whatever their new hypostasis is, it will no longer be the past semblance of democracy. But, it is quite possible that its further trajectory will resemble the movement that Germany made in the twenties of the last century – from the bankrupt Weimar democracy to the Nazi Third Reich. In any case, what Biden starts with and the intolerance of all opponents that the American liberals demonstrate may well end in the same way that the Nazi regime led Germany to – massive repression and concentration camps. Biden, like Hitler, are functions of the same Western liberal paradigm, only in different historical circumstances and attire. Liberals have always been a minority and have always seized power, to put it mildly, not in a completely honest way. That is why they are terribly afraid of full-fledged political competition. Therefore, the best opponent for them has always been and will be a dead opponent. Or, at least, firmly sitting on a bunk.

Yuri Selivanov, specially for News Front