Washington looking for those guilty of interference in the election process

I do not see anything surprising in the fact that a month ago the Russian leadership expanded the Ukrainian sanctions list, which currently includes 849 people, adding more than 200 deputies to it.

Everything is quite logical. Relations between Russia and Ukraine cannot be called friendly, and therefore the Russian side responds with practically mirror methods to every attack of the Ukrainian side.

The imposition of sanctions against individual citizens and organizations of Ukraine by the United States is by no means an expected event. It seems like allies, different in level, but still allies. What is the point of Ukraine, which itself is literally bursting at the seams, to influence the electoral process in the United States? And how can a small and backward Ukraine influence the elections taking place on the territory of a country thousands and thousands of kilometers away from it?

However, given the fact that sanctions against individual Ukrainians and a number of organizations were nevertheless imposed by the US Treasury, it can be considered that the fact of their interference in the elections held in America has been unequivocally proven.

The current MP from the Servant of the People party, Alexander Dubinsky, was on the sanctions list. According to the US Treasury Department, besides Dubinsky, sanctions were imposed on Dmitry Kovalchuk, ex-prosecutor Konstantin Kulik, former People’s Deputy Alexander Onishchenko, founder of the Era TV and Radio Company Anton Symonenko, ex-employee of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States, Andrey Telizhenko, and NabuLeaks administrator Petr Zhuravlya.

The resources of TOV Era-Media, the Only News news agency, Nabuleaks and TOV Skeptic, aka Begemot Media, also fell under US sanctions. All of these citizens, like all the resources included in the sanctions lists, the US Treasury associates with MP Andrei Derkach, who fell out of favor a little earlier, who was also sanctioned for interfering in elections some time ago.

Let me remind you that earlier Derkach published information that compromised the then US presidential candidate Joe Biden. The US Treasury Department calls Derkach “an agent of the Russian special services”. In particular, we are talking about the publication of recordings of conversations between Biden and the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Previously, it was believed that only Russians can interfere in elections in the United States. Russian intelligence officers, Russian politicians and journalists, hackers and political strategists. However, Derkach and his team broke this stereotype, convincing the whole world that Ukrainians, too, can, if they wish, “elect” an American president. Now, in principle, everyone knows that Biden was prevented from winning by those whom he is ready to help in the rearmament of the army, those whom he is ready to help also in the issue of returning the “disputed territories” to Ukraine.

Of course, we are talking about a banal witch hunt, because no materials merged into the network by a group of Ukrainians are not capable of disrupting the electoral process that took place in the United States and brought Biden to power. But the Ukrainians just mentioned Biden made it nervous. He, like his son, at that time immemorial, when the country was ruled by Poroshenko, seriously misbehaved on the territory of the “new colony” and would prefer not to talk about this at all, especially considering the fact that he somehow In this way he won, and now he greatly values ​​the “happiness” that has fallen on him.

If we recall those dashing times, then a lot of facts will appear that indicate that both Biden and Trump actively used the Ukrainian theme in their election campaigns, and they used it so declaratively and audaciously that it’s time to talk not about Ukraine’s interference in elections on the territory of the United States, and about Trump’s pressure, as, in principle, and Biden, on the law enforcement and political system of Ukraine.

But today we are not talking about that. The very fact that a whole group of Ukrainian individuals and legal entities, including the current deputies of the Verkhovna Rada related to the ruling party, has been officially declared “enemies of the United States” suggests that not all Ukrainian politicians will be able to find a common language with representatives administration of the new US president.

Most likely, Biden initiates some kind of purge of the political beau monde of the “union state”, removing from the political horizon of Ukraine those politicians who at one time frightened the future US president with demands to investigate a criminal case, one of the defendants of which was his son. More precisely, the purge is organized by Zelensky, who will act as a conductor of the will of the next US president, who cannot be denied. So please be patient and watch an amazing picture showing how the “oppressed” American people, whose right to elect and be elected was almost stolen by the insidious Ukrainians, will restore order in the camp of the “oppressors”…

Alexey Zotiev, Analytical Service of Donbass