Ukrainians criticized Zelensky’s refusal of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine

Ukrainian portal conducted a survey of the population of various cities of the country. People were asked to answer the question: “How do you feel about the possible clandestine vaccination of Ukrainian deputies and top officials”.

“The authorities, of course, can get a vaccine for themselves and their families. And they don’t give a damn about the people for a long time. They obviously bought a good vaccine for themselves, but for the people – anyhow”, – said the pensioner from Nikolaev.

A resident of Kramatorsk replied that she was “disgusted with all this”. In her opinion, the authorities are trying to “crush residents, especially pensioners”.

“They act simply as enemies of the people, they go against the will of their citizens. The Constitution says that we have the right to health, to free medicine, and they simply violate these articles”, – residents of Mariupol are indignant.

A resident of Kharkov noted that “the top does not think about its people. Other countries do not care where the vaccine comes from: from Russia or not from Russia. They are worried about the health of their people”.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian authorities intend to vaccinate citizens with a Chinese vaccine, whose effectiveness is about 50%, and the cost significantly exceeds the cost of the Russian drug “Sputnik V” with an efficiency of 92%.