U.S. entering period of deep transformation

The United States, as an artificial design and engineering corporation performing the role of the supporting structure of the world order, the military-political and information-financial base of the “deep state”, is entering a period of its deep transformation

This process will inevitably affect the entire world order built by the global predictor based on the GG (leading special services, global media and digital platforms, international financial institutions, TNCs and the show business industry, NGOs, etc.). The situation is aggravated by the fact that the global predictor, torn apart by internal contradictions, begins to lose control over world processes.

It failed to timely prepare the necessary conditions in the PRC or the Russian Federation to ensure the transit there of the international military-political and information-financial authorities from the United States. The attempts of the global predictor to form the international networked governance of humanity are doomed to failure, as it is essentially extremely flawed, fragile, vulnerable.

The goals of radical reduction, utilization, digitization and robotization of almost 8 billion of the world’s population are practically unrealizable, mass protests with all the ensuing consequences are inevitable.

Russian Demiurge