The number of attacks on journalists increased in Ukraine

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) recorded 77 cases of the use of force against journalists in Ukraine in 2020.

The NUJU is confident that the profession of a journalist has become dangerous due to systemic impunity for crimes against media workers.

“Now in society there is no understanding of the essence of the profession and the importance of the mission carried out by journalists. Bullying, deliberate intimidation, gross obstruction of professional activity for some is a kind of norm. And this makes the profession of a journalist dangerous”, – said the chairman of the NSJU Sergei Tomilenko.

According to him, media representatives put themselves in danger and work seven days a week, risking their health and lives. Tomilenko believes that the state must guarantee the protection of the right to safe work and the eradication of systemic impunity for crimes against journalists.