Liberal journalists discuss how to “deprogram” objectionable whites in the US

Journalists from The Washington Post and The New York Times, two influential liberal publications in America, discussed the issue of “deprogramming” white Americans from the “Trumpist sect”.

Liberal journalists discussed how to “deprogram” objectionable whites in the United States. Notably, the black-skinned WP and NYT employees Eugene Robinson and Nicole Hanna-Jones participated in the discussion. Robinson used the term “deprogramming” in his statement, which refers to measures to remove people from various sects. For this, methods of psychological influence are used.

Robinson, in turn, proclaiming “sectarian” white Americans, began to call for their “deprogramming.”

“There are millions of Americans, almost all whites, almost all Republicans, who need to somehow be deprogrammed as if they are members of a sect, a Trumpist sect”, – the journalist said.

He also asked the interlocutor if she knew how to solve this “problem”, but Hanna-Jones replied in the negative, referring to the fact that she is only a journalist. However, later she supported the idea. In the United States, she said, it is necessary to make white conservatives “more afraid”.