Events in the USA as a litmus test of the ruling elite’s true attitude to the will of the people

Events in the United States have become a litmus test of the ruling elite’s true attitude to the will of the people. The same people called the BLM “activists” who terrorized entire cities “peaceful protesters”, and those who took Congress for a couple of hours – “internal terrorists”, essentially an analogue of Stalin’s “enemies of the people”

As befits a witch hunt, the hysteria of snitching reigns in society. For example, 18-year-old American Helena Duke mortgaged her parents because they participated in a Trumpist demonstration near Congress in Washington: she took revenge on her mother, who did not approve of the BLM demonstrations. And in the British House of Lords, the discussion is ending on a law allowing children to be used as spies (including against their parents). At the same time, the pandemic of denunciation is morally supported by the same “democratic media” that are usually horrified by the Soviet Union or the rule of Vladimir Putin.
The modern United States – with a massive rampant snitching, hysteria around gender equality, radical leftist “activism” – is repeating the backsides of the path long gone by Soviet society, and has long ago surpassed it in hypocrisy. “He who is not with us is against us,” and a heavy truck of “progress” rushes over the bodies of those who disagree, crushing them into a bloody mess to the delight of the “activists” sitting in the back.

The assassination of female veteran Ashley Babbitt in Congress, widespread arrests of protesters, dismissals and account closings of those dissatisfied with dubious election results, the demolition of entire Internet platforms crowded with dissidents, the landing of Trumpists and attacks on their pickets are all news of recent days. coming from America.

Of course, one cannot do without the loud voices of Hollywood “masters of culture”, say, the famous Whoopi Goldberg.

“Our Capitol was under siege from domestic terrorists, yes, that’s what I call them, who had the courage to call themselves patriots”, – said the black actress in one of the American shows.

And the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, who admired the coup in Kiev (which took place with the direct participation of Ukrainian neo-Nazis), even called the protesters “grotesque fascists”. That is, in Kiev, they were “not grotesque”?

The “progressive public” has always been characterized by extreme intolerance of dissent, since it has personally arrogated to itself the right to decide what is “good” and what is “bad” for the people. Of course, anything that is at odds with its ideas about happiness is bad. But their love of freedom is deceptive: let us recall the notorious Letter 42 of representatives of the “progressive” Russian intelligentsia after the events of 1993 in Moscow, when they demanded maximum repression against their political opponents: “These stupid scoundrels only respect force. So isn’t it time to demonstrate it to our young, but already, as we are again convinced, rather strong democracy?”

And do not be deceived by their today’s feigned liberalism and the alleged struggle for freedom of speech. Ukraine has demonstrated as clearly as possible that undivided power in their hands turns into the most severe censorship and total bans. According to the promiscuous Ukrainian politician Tymofiy Mylovanov, “today censorship is an integral part of freedom of speech”. Apparently, if this is “correct censorship”, that is, censorship of pro-Western “liberals” and Maidan “activists”.

Those who are silent about the crimes of Euromaidan voted for Belarus, loudly howling at every touch of law enforcement officers in Moscow, welcome the repression in Washington.

Do not even doubt: under the leadership of their foreign curators, they will rush to the next Maidan in order to overthrow the Russian government. Actually, they do not hide it. On the air of the semi-state “Echo of Moscow”, former Komsomol activist and criminal oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky quite confidently talks about the armed seizure of power in Moscow.

“If there is no way to change the government in a legal way (and we understand that there is no such possibility in Russia), we must understand that in the end we will have to take to the streets. But at the same time, one must understand that the government will use power levers, and one must be ready to respond to power levers by force. This is normal, there is no other way to defend your freedom”, – Khodorkovsky told his interlocutor Alexei Venediktov without unnecessary sentimentality.

“The three percent who will seize this power in arms, it can be any three percent who will simply have a weapon. If we are talking about, albeit violent, but more or less democratic change of power… This change can be for a more social-democratic, when social wealth is leveled”. 

Once again: “a violent, democratic change of power” with arms in hand, as a result of which “public wealth is leveled”, For example, as in Ukraine, thus “democratized”, where people robbed by the Maidan “revolutionaries” crowd out to protest and close the roads almost daily, but terrible tariffs only continue to grow, and the country’s citizens are monstrously poor and dying out, except for the camarilla that seized power as a result of a coup d’etat. Relatively speaking, those same three percent of citizens whom Khodorkovsky publicly calls to take up arms in order to repeat the Ukrainian scenario in Russia.

In an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Apostrof, Khodorkovsky’s ally Leonid Gozman also looks forward to a coup d’etat in the Russian Federation.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin’s] rating is constantly falling, it can be seen”, – Gozman slightly squints.

“This means an increase in the likelihood of one very important event – a palace coup. Previously, it seemed to me that a palace coup was impossible – he too well holds them all in his hands, his entire company. And now I think that a palace coup is actually possible. And in this sense, it will be a political consequence of the pandemic”.

Let me remind you that Gozman, predicting a coup d’etat, has already announced plans for the possible dismemberment of Russia.

“With the perturbations that await us, it is very likely that some territories will withdraw from the Russian Federation, this is well known. It is clear that the withdrawal of the North Caucasus looks very likely, and the formation of the Ural Republic is less likely, but all this is possible”, – Leonid Gozman rant at the so-called “Forum of Free Russia”. 

But at the same time we should strive for formal membership in the EU, NATO? It seems to me that yes”.

Aspiring to the EU and NATO, Russia must give to “progressive humanity” not only the North Caucasus and the Urals, but also Kaliningrad, the Kuriles, the Crimea, etc.

“There shouldn’t be any referendums. The transition period should in no way be accompanied by negotiations – there is nothing to negotiate about. The decision to return Crimea to Ukrainian control should be made immediately. This includes renouncing all annexations and claims to any territories that were previously part of the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union”, – the famous Garry Kasparov said at a regular gathering of “Russian democrats”, rejecting even the very idea of ​​the will of the people.

Well, in Ukraine, of course, they already lined up. Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says the riots (which the Russian radical opposition plans to stage) should be used for a “final solution” in eastern Ukraine.

“In September, elections to the State Duma of Russia will be held… This result will be the same as the result of Lukashenko’s elections in Belarus. You draw any numbers for yourself, but the people do not believe in these numbers and will never support this position”, – Poroshenko asserts and vangue that after the elections in Russia unrest may begin, and this situation will “give us [Ukraine] the opportunity to return Donbass in 2021; it is very important that we act effectively in Crimea – this is our chance”.

It is quite obvious that under the guise of a movement for “democratic change”, Russia’s ill-wishers are preparing to dismember the Russian state and its total robbery according to the Ukrainian scenario. And the “democracy” promised to the plebs, in their understanding, can exist exclusively for them, as has already happened in Kiev.

Why people like Gozman flourish in Russian society is not for me to judge – apparently, their actions do not contain corpus delicti. But I know that connivance and incitement to a coup d’etat has already led Ukraine (like many other countries) to irreparable consequences.

The American elections have fully demonstrated to the whole world the true value of the Western model of “democracy” and its “respect” for the choice of the people – whoever is brazen is right. And this model has by no means exhausted its destructive potential: three percent of “activists” necessary for Mr. Khodorkovsky for the next “color revolution” are already actively training at special “seminars” and in various “communities”.

The complacency of the Russian people is well known, but events along the entire perimeter of the Russian borders (especially in Ukraine), as well as the course of global events (in particular, in the United States), should have diminished the complacency. In Ukraine, many also did not believe that the patented “democrats” were bringing into the country not “democracy”, but death and ruin…

Konstantin Kevorkyan,