Anti-Trump witch hunt

Let’s just put all this anti-Trump witch hunt in one place:

1. The American president has been turned off most of the social networks
2. The US Professional Golf Association has refused to host its tournaments at Trump’s golf courses.
3. PayPal has refused to carry out transfers of Trump supporters.
4. Deutsche Bank is ready to forgive Trump for a $300 million loan in order not to cooperate with him further. Signature Bank forcibly closed Trump’s accounts.

5. Major US banks, including JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, refused to further allocate money to support politicians who sympathize with Trump.

6. List of large companies that have announced that they will not allocate money to politicians who have doubts about Biden’s victory: Amazon (the largest Internet retailer), Dow (chemical industry), AT&T (telecom), The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (medical insurance), Marriott (hotels).
7. Amazon, Apple and Google, in addition to this, block other services on their platforms and data centers where they can support Trump. For example, the social network Parler.
8. Several American educational institutions have stripped Trump of honorary degrees.
9. Trump’s lawyer Giuliani is promised to be kicked out of the New York Bar Association and also stripped of some honorary degrees.