American expert urged Biden not to play “nuclear games” with Russia

Military expert Shannon Bugos believes that the administration of newly elected President Joe Biden should resolve the issue of extending the START-3 treaty, since the United States needs a new nuclear deal, PolitRussia reports.

Only a few weeks are left until the expiration of the US-Russian bilateral treaty on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (START-3).

“The treaty envisages limiting the strategic nuclear arsenal of both countries. It also details the verification regime, which is highly regarded by the US military as it has a clear understanding of the size and capabilities of the Russian nuclear forces. A five-year extension of the treaty will ensure the credibility of US military planning”, – says Bugos.

According to the analyst, Trump, refusing to negotiate with Russia on the extension of strategic offensive arms for several years, made an urgent attempt at the last moment to negotiate, and this indicates that the Trump administration “is either incredibly naive or did not intend to extend the treaty at all”.

“These negotiations will be difficult, but Washington and Moscow will have enough time to work out controversial issues and come to a compromise”, – the expert emphasizes.

The analyst also notes that “the best way out for Biden’s team is to agree to an extension of START for a full five years”.