Reuters: Pompeo intends to accuse Iran of links to al-Qaeda

According to the agency, the US Secretary of State may also report on intelligence-based details of the liquidation of one of the leaders of the terrorist group in August 2020.

As reported by TASS, Reuters, citing sources, reported that US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Tuesday intends to publicly accuse Iran of collaborating with the terrorist group Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia) on the basis of declassified documents from American intelligence.

“Pompeo intends to accuse Iran of supporting the terrorist group, as well as providing safe haven to its members”, – the agency said.

In November, The New York Times, citing sources in the United States intelligence services, reported that one of the leaders of al-Qaeda, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, suspected in the United States of organizing terrorist attacks at the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, was liquidated in Iran in August 2020. According to the newspaper, the liquidation operation was carried out in Tehran on August 7 by Israeli intelligence operatives, who acted on behalf of the United States.