Alexey Pushkov: The one who controls Eurasia controls the world

This is an old truth. But no one else – from the empire of Alexander of Macodon to the American neo-empire – has managed to achieve this.

The United States came closest to this goal in the 1990s, when it subjugated almost all of Europe, was close to complete control over Russia and hoped that the market economy, American investment and the specter of democracy would bring down the Chinese communist power.

The expansion of NATO up to the borders of Russia and the war in Yugoslavia allowed them to consolidate Europe on an Atlantic basis. But then they broke off their teeth in Iraq, “lost” Russia, lost their jaw in Afghanistan and began to lose competition to China.

And today Eurasia, which was not given to any empire, has again turned into a gigantic field of rivalry between the largest centers of power. At the same time, the United States, being overseas, remains a Eurasian power – due to its economic and military presence, the system of military-political alliances and the presence of hundreds of military bases and strongholds along the entire perimeter of the continent. As for Russia, its importance in world politics is largely determined by its key role in Eurasia. It is here that the fate of the world is decided.

Alexey Pushkov