The maximalist agenda – a total tightening of the screws

The Parler service, which has temporarily become a “safe haven” for the American right and Trump, has been shut down from Amazon’s servers – at the demand of “workers”, who penned an open letter to corporate executives calling for an “anti-Soviet” boycott

Parler management promises to find an alternative to AWS servers soon. Parler’s apps were at the top of the AppStore and Google Play download lists, but were immediately blocked. Parler’s owners, the billionaire Mercers, have long been involved in the culture war and are not easily intimidated.

The Parler app is still running in parts of the world, although the service is already de facto shut down in the US. The alternative site Gab has also experienced an upsurge in popularity – they were kicked out of everything long ago, and they have learned how to work under total corporate censorship.

Silicon Valley rushed to remove Trump’s real and fake accounts from all social media – even those where no political discussion is taking place at all. And Trump’s headquarters has been stripped of its ability to send mailing lists and publish streamers of his speeches.

While Twitter cleans up thousands of conservative accounts for dissent, it allows topics like “Hang Mike Pence!” to top the list. When Twitter finally becomes a liberal bubble, these five minutes of hate speech against “enemies of the party” will be permanent.

Democrats are calling on the FBI to put pro-Trump rally participants in Washington DC on a list of potential terrorists by banning them from air travel. Air carriers understood the party line and began preemptively dropping off passengers who discuss Trump during the flight.

The sharp increase in corporate censorship in the US will soon be compounded by a government campaign against dissenting “extremists” . Once the US equivalent of 282 is passed, the liberal establishment will have a free hand to carry out any purge of the politically undesirable.

Malek Dudakov