Bloomberg expert praises Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine

Bloomberg senior pharmaceutical analyst Sam Fazeli has reviewed publicly available research materials on the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine and concluded that it is worth trusting

Bloomberg expert praises Russia's Sputnik V vaccine

According to Bloomberg, Russia is among the top five vaccine manufacturers with the highest number of doses under contract and pre-purchase. In tests, Sputnik V showed efficacy of more than 90%, and among more than 22,000 test subjects there were no cases of severe disease.

The analyst stressed that the Sputnik V vaccine has an important difference from other vaccines: the first and second doses use different types of adenovirus, which rules out the possibility of immunity to the first dose.

“All these details, even without the results of the third phase, make me think that the Sputnik V vaccine could be as strong a candidate as the vaccines created in Western laboratories. What cannot be said about the Sinovac Biotech CoronaVac vaccine, which is being tested in Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia”, –  concluded Fazeli.


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