US social media has massacred right-wingers and conservatives – Dudakov

Political analyst Malek Dudakov commented in his Telegram channel on the blocking of US President Donald Trump’s accounts on social media

US social media has massacred right-wingers and conservatives - Dudakov

Earlier it was reported that Trump’s official Twitter account was permanently blocked. It is the sixth most popular account in the world with over 80 million followers.

“At the same time, many Trump supporters’ accounts were blocked. The profile of Rush Limbaugh, America’s most popular radio host with 15 million listeners, was blocked. “The number of other conservative accounts that have been ‘purged’ is in the thousands”, –  Dudakov said.

He also stressed that after Trump’s announcement of the move to the social network Parler, the app was removed from Google Play and AppStore.

“The liberal establishment understands that it is not so much Trump himself who is a threat to it, but his movement – and the 75 million voters who voted for him. That is why it is hitting all of them at once, trying to send them into oblivion and deprive them of the right to express their ideas”, –  the political scientist believes.

Dudakov recalled that the current US president has repeatedly called on Congress “to change the legislation on social networks, giving them the status of publishers, which would allow them to sue and challenge the blocking of accounts”, but the reform of the social networks has never happened.

“The IT giants went for broke, trying to quickly blitzkrieg their platforms of politically undesirable and dissidents. But this strategy has a downside – they further undermine people’s trust in the institutions of power and the U.S. Constitution, which will bury them in the long run”, –  concluded the expert.


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