US must rethink relationship with Russia – The Hill

The head of the Mike Rogers Center for Intelligence and Global Affairs, Joshua Huminski, has called for a reduction in tensions between the countries “despite the animosity”


This was reported by the US newspaper The Hill.

“One of the most significant challenges of the next administration will be the rivalry with Russia. What we need today is not another reset, but a fundamental rethinking of America’s relationship with Russia and an honest look at Moscow’s global power and influence”, –  Huminski said.

He stressed that in the last four years “policy towards the Kremlin has been unstable, and the preceding period can be called an era of constant failure in US Russian strategy.”

“Rivalry does not necessarily mean confrontation. Conflict between Moscow and Washington is not guaranteed, but many take it for granted that relations between them are complicated. This is not surprising, as much of the policy framework here is based on outdated notions of Russia and the Cold War, and applied to a twenty-first century problem. Russia is not the Soviet Union and the great power rivalry is not the Cold War”, –  the expert believes.

Huminski notes that even during the Cold War, Washington continued to cooperate with it on “numerous and varied levels”. Nowadays, there are also areas where both sides are interested: the fight against terrorism, for example, discussions on strategic arms control or even nuclear weapons.