Pompeo admits lack of “progress” in Ukraine

The US Secretary of State said that he had failed to achieve success in the Ukrainian direction of US foreign policy.

According to Strana.ua, in an interview with Bloomberg published on the website of the State Department, Mike Pompeo admitted that during his work the United States had failed to “make much progress” in matters of Donbass and Crimea.

“We tried to strengthen the Ukrainian government’s ability to defend itself against threats emanating from Russia, both military threats and information threats, threats within Ukraine, and energy threats. We did all this, but, nevertheless, there is still a conflict in southeastern Ukraine. We have not made much progress, and the Europeans have also not made much progress in their diplomatic efforts. I’m sorry about that. I want, I would like us to make more progress”, – said Pompeo.

In addition, answering a journalist’s question whether Pompeo sees any progress on the issues of Donbass and Crimea, the secretary of state admitted that the mentioned conflicts are “rather frozen”.


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