Pence supported Republicans planning to appeal the US election results

U.S. Vice President Michael Pence welcomed the intention of the Republicans in Congress to challenge the results of the presidential election on January 6 in a joint session of both chambers of the legislature of the new convocation

Pence supported Republicans planning to appeal the US election results

That is the day the results of the electoral college vote that declared Democrat Joseph Biden victorious on December 14 are scheduled to be approved.

The vice-president will preside over the procedure, as he is, according to the US constitution, the head of the Senate.

As The Hill noted on Saturday night, citing a statement by Pence’s chief of staff Mark Short, the second person in the US government hierarchy “shares the concerns of millions of Americans about election fraud and irregularities”.

“The vice president applauds the efforts of members of the House and Senate to invoke their legal authority to file objections and provide evidence of election irregularities to Congress and American citizens on January 6”, –  the text reads.

According to CNN, about 140 of Pence’s and incumbent President Donald Trump’s fellow party members in the lower house of Congress intend to object to the panel’s decision when it meets. In addition, at least 11 senators will also oppose the certification of the results, it is even proposed to convene a special electoral commission to investigate irregularities.+


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