Johnson outlines political future after Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will remain in office after the United Kingdom’s final exit from the European Union, Reuters reported

Britain withdrew from the pan-European union on the night of January 31 to February 1, 2020. A transition period was in place until 31 December last year, according to agreements reached by the parties.

“Yes”, –  Johnson said when asked if he was going to continue to serve as UK prime minister after Brexit.

The debate in the London-Brussels talks on the provisions of the post-Brexit trade deal has lasted for several months. The main point of contention has been over the fisheries regime: Britain wants to retain sovereignty over a number of catching areas, while Europe wants to retain the right to industrial fishing in these areas for fishermen from several EU countries.

Last week, UK and European Commission officials reached an agreement on future cooperation after Brexit. It required approval from both EU countries and ratification by the European Parliament and the British Parliament itself.


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