Media: AstraZeneca to supply Britain with two million doses of vaccine

Two million doses of the coronavirus vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, will be delivered to the UK weekly by mid-January, the Times reported, citing sources.

Media: AstraZeneca to supply Britain with two million doses of vaccine

Earlier, scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in their study said that Britain must vaccinate two million people against COVID-19 every week in order to prevent a tough third wave of the spread of coronavirus amid quarantine restrictions. At the end of December, UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said the country had ordered 100 million doses of vaccine developed by Oxford and AstraZeneca, enough to vaccinate the entire population. He also indicated that 530 thousand doses of the vaccine will be ready by the beginning of the week.

A spokesman for the vaccine development team told the newspaper that a million doses of AstraZeneca will be ready next week.

“Then we plan to quickly increase the pace – by the third week of January we must reach the mark of two million (doses – ed.) per week”, – the source said.

Company officials are disappointed with the pace of vaccine production in Britain, the newspaper said. At the same time, the government told the publication that the National Health Service (NHS) is ready to receive vaccines from manufacturers and start giving them to patients without delay.

According to the source, “tens of millions of doses of Oxford vaccine will be delivered by the end of April”.


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