Kiev needs Russian vaccine against coronavirus – political scientist

Political strategist Marat Bashirov said in an interview with that the Russian vaccine against coronavirus is much more beneficial for Ukraine than any other.

“The vaccine that is being tested on Americans is not like the vaccine that was made for those who live in the post-Soviet space. That is, our vaccine is more adequate in terms of the immune response, there is gene memory”, – Bashirov says.

He also notes that the Western vaccine Moderna must be “transported at a temperature of -80, and for the full effect it takes 5-6 injections”. The Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine is stored at warmer temperatures and does not require storage in expensive refrigerators.

Bashirov stressed that lockdowns will continue due to the refusal of the Russian vaccine in Ukraine, and Zelensky’s failure to fulfill his obligations as president will have a huge impact on the political, economic and social life of the country.


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