Expert: why gas from Turkish Stream is safer for Serbia

Regional expert on energy Elitsa Putnikovic said that deliveries via Turkish Stream are safer, cheaper and more promising for Serbia, RIA Novosti reports.

Earlier it became known that Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic took part in the official launch of Russian gas into the gas transmission system of Serbia through Bulgaria from the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.

“First of all, Serbia has received an alternative direction of gas supply, which is no longer dependent on Ukraine. The new direction is also cheaper, because in previous years Hungary demanded up to $70 for the transport of a thousand cubic meters of gas, and now, through Bulgaria, the price will be $12-14 for the transit of a thousand cubic meters”, – the expert said.

Putnikovic also noted that Serbia is becoming a transit country and will be able to develop its own gas sector in the future, since the annual level of supplies should be almost 14 billion cubic meters of gas.

“Serbia still spends a little more than 2 billion cubic meters of gas per year; to the south of Belgrade there is practically no gas supply”, – said Putnikovic.

Turkish Stream is an export gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey across the Black Sea. At the end of December 2019, the pipe-laying of the Serbian extension of the gas pipeline was completed on all 402 kilometers from the Bulgarian border to Hungary.


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