Sandu announced the scenario of the dissolution of the Moldovan Parliament

New Moldovan President Maia Sandu has announced a scenario for the dissolution of Parliament, which she intends to propose in the next few days

“All factions agree that this parliament must be dissolved in order to come to early elections. In the coming days I will come out with an initiative, make proposals to come to early parliamentary elections”, –  Sandu said.

She also promised to name a politician to become acting prime minister of Moldova in the first days of the new year. On December 23, Prime Minister of Moldova Ion Kiku announced his resignation. He noted that he was “creating the conditions for the new president, Maia Sandu, to dissolve the parliament and set a date for early elections.

According to Moldovan law, the president has the right to dissolve the parliament and set a date for early elections only if “the parliament has not expressed a vote of confidence in the government within 45 days after submitting a proposal, and only after rejecting the proposal at least twice.”


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