Dodon believes that the situation in Moldova may “explode” under Sandu’s presidency

According to the ex-president, there should not be any destabilization before the early parliamentary elections, because the new president has no opportunity to influence the internal political situation

The internal political situation in Moldova under the new president of the republic, Maia Sandu, may “explode”, but there are ways to prevent such a development. Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon said this in an interview with TASS.

Answering the question whether the situation in Moldova could “blow up”, he noted that “there are such risks”. “Minimizing the risks is possible and, I think, realistic. It is thanks to our position. Thanks to the fact that Maia Sandu has no control over the government and Parliament. If, God forbid, they had such control, then I think events would move very quickly,” he continued.

“We know the stance of our Ukrainian partners, our neighbours on the Transnistrian issue, they have long wanted stricter control over the Transnistrian segment”, –  Dodon said. He noted that, over the last years, Moldova had a very pragmatic approach to the Transnistrian settlement. In this respect, he recalled that there were many meetings, in particular with Transnistrian leader Vadim Krasnoselsky. “Many issues were solved, we helped each other”, –  he stressed.

According to Dodon, there should not be any destabilization before the early parliamentary elections, because the new president has no possibility to influence the internal political situation. “And somehow it will not be able to block Transnistria. She will make statements, there will be many of them, because they will be dictated by those who supervise her in the West. It is clear that they need confrontation here,” the politician added.

However, Dodon continued, the development of events after the parliamentary elections will depend on the political situation.

“We will do everything possible to prevent this destabilization. In general, I am a supporter of dialogue”, –  he pointed out.

The former head of the republic also noted that on the example of Moldova it is necessary to try to form the general agenda between the West and the East.

“Obviously, no one will sit down at the negotiating table and seriously talk about it before the early elections. But based on the results of the early parliamentary elections, there could be a situation where the socialists would have control of the government along with the right-wing parties and there would be some balance that would also help in solving the Transnistrian problem. But it is not an easy situation, given what is happening in our region. These are geopolitical confrontations that are just beginning”, –  Dodon concluded.


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