Russian embassy believes that U.S. has unleashed a “visa war”

Diplomats stressed that Russia has repeatedly called on the United States to fully normalize relations in the consular and visa area

According to TASS, a comment from the Russian Embassy in Washington published on Facebook on Friday said the United States initiated a “visa war” and imposed on Russia the practice of personal visa exchanges.

“We would like to remind once again that the responsibility for the [visa] ‘deadlock’ lies entirely with the American side. It was the United States that initiated the so-called visa war, imposed on us the practice of personal visa exchanges, when employees of Russian foreign missions receive entry permits only in conjunction with issuing visas for American workers”, – Russian diplomats noted.

They explained that they drew attention to an article published by The Washington Post on Friday, “in which, once again, referring to sources in the State Department, the authors mislead their readers and seek to place all the blame for the problems in consular and visa matters on the Russian side”.

“The information contained in the article does not correspond to the real state of affairs”, – the Russian diplomatic mission noted.

“There were no refusals to issue visas to diplomats and other specialists from US missions. We don’t have any advantages here. We act strictly on the basis of the principle of reciprocity. The number of visas we issue to American officials corresponds to the number of visas received by Russian employees in the United States. There is no need to shift the problem from a sore head to a healthy one. The blame is on the American side”.


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