Pentagon discusses actions in case Trump imposes martial law

The leadership of the US Armed Forces is secretly discussing a scenario for their actions in the event that the US leader decides to impose martial law before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Pentagon discusses actions in case Trump imposes martial law

Newsweek magazine reports this, citing its Pentagon sources.

According to Newsweek’s sources, these discussions are being held in secret from the White House and allies of current US President Donald Trump. The US military command is making plans in case there is an order to bring regular troops into Washington for the duration of the transition period.

The US defence establishment is of the view that Trump may mobilise his many supporters to thwart Joseph Biden’s transition process.

“The president is currently vested with unprecedented extraordinary powers because of the coronavirus. This circumstance could convince him, especially if he listens to certain of his supporters, that he has unlimited power and is above the law”, –  sources told the publication.


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