Dodon: Without dialogue with us there will be a complete lockdown

If there is no dialogue between the competing political forces in Moldova, all the processes in the country will be blocked.

This opinion was expressed today, December 25, by Igor Dodon, leader of the Socialist Party, in his video blog


According to the ex-president, the euphoria, in which his opponents are now, will pass, but the problems will remain.

“Without dialogue, nothing will work. No matter how strong you think you are. I repeat: the euphoria will pass. Dialogue is necessary. If there is no dialogue, there will be a complete blockage”, –  Dodon said.

He urged his opponents to put politics in perspective and sit down at the negotiating table with the PSRM. Dodon said that, for his part, he did everything not to obstruct Maya Sandu, who took office as head of state the day before, as well as her supporters in parliament.

“I handed over power officially, beautifully, without causing any obstacles to the next President. By the way, I am convinced: if the election results had been different, Maia Sandu would not have behaved the way I did. I behaved correctly and I will continue to behave in the same way. I wished her success and said that I was ready to talk to her when necessary. I think that’s what civilised people should do, not shouting in the streets like some people do. I promise that I will continue to show political maturity”, –  assured Igor Dodon.


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