Mlitary analyst names reason for the failure of the United States in the hypersonic field

Trying to catch up with Russian military developments, the United States still has many technical problems to solve.

Earlier it became known that the first launch of an American rocket within the framework of the Hypersonic Air Weapon Concept project failed miserably, and this is not the first defeat of the United States on the way to conquering hypersonic sound.

As previously reported by News Front, under the auspices of the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Projects Agency there was also a project called “Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle”. Within its framework, they tried to create two supersonic aircraft, HTV-1 and HTV-2, but neither was brought to mind.

The problem for the United States is that every test failure entails a freeze on all activities, said American General John Hayten.

At the same time, Viktor Baranets, a military columnist for the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, is confident that haste is the fault of the Americans’ failures.

“The Americans rushed in pursuit of the Russians and often bluffed in front of their own people, in front of their own government”, – the expert says.

The result of the haste was the failure with the Hypersonic Air Weapon Concept, Baranets is sure. So, in the USA, the problem with a ramjet engine has not yet been solved. Russian engineers also faced this obstacle, but were able to find a solution. The Americans are now at the very beginning of the journey.