Ukrainians call on authorities to procure Russian vaccine against Covid-19

People do not understand why they should wait for an American vaccine if there is a Russian one nearby

Ukrainians call on authorities to procure Russian vaccine against Covid-19

According to the channel 112 Ukraine, in the broadcast of the program “Feeling the Covid” ordinary citizens of Ukraine shared their opinion on the actions of the authorities to get a life-saving vaccine against coronavirus.

“Why refuse when it is a good quality vaccine? Why wait for an incomprehensible amount of time for the American one to come to us if we can get it next door and vaccinate people?” – puzzled the Sumy man.

“Of course we should not refuse. What difference does it make: Russian, non-Russian, English, German… The main thing is that it helps”, – says the woman from Kiev.“For the health of the nation, people, I think there should be no boundaries, anywhere, in anything”, – believes the Kharkiv woman.

“There is no way to refuse! How many people got sick, how many deaths! If there is an opportunity to buy, if there is an opportunity to produce the vaccine – we should do it,” say the residents of Mariupol.

“Think at least about young people! All right, we are old people. But the state should think at least about young people, because they are our future! The vaccine should definitely be procured,” said a resident of Toretsk.

Responding to a question whether an agreement with Russia on vaccine supplies to Ukraine is worthwhile, Ukrainians were unanimous in saying: of course it is, because the nation’s health and life are at stake.

“Ukrainians go to Russia to work, many of us have relatives there. And the fact that our government cannot agree on global issues – it is sad. But let them at least think about the lives of their people. We need to come to an agreement”, – believes Sumy resident.

“For the authorities, purchase of vaccines should not be a political decision. They should turn a blind eye to vaccine origin and take into account only its medical properties”, – says a Kiev citizen.

“If it costs us less – why not?” – declares the Odessa woman.

“I want and will be vaccinated with the Russian vaccine because I trust it. If I get a chance, I will go to Russia and bring my own vaccine, if the authorities do not buy it for Ukraine,” says the Kharkiv woman.


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