Covering their tracks: Kiev destroys secret documentation on Donbass and Maidan

Ukrainian elites are anticipating big problems in connection with the Hague Tribunal’s decision to launch an investigation into the coup in Kiev and the punitive operation in Donbass

As News Front reported earlier, Fatou Bensouda, prosecutor general of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, announced the investigation on December 11. According to her, representatives of the ICC revealed facts of crimes against humanity.

Although the decision was several years overdue, Kiev was clearly not prepared for such a turn of events. As a consequence, Ukraine’s security agencies have been asked by their superiors to destroy any documentation related to the provocative shootings of protesters on Maidan, as well as orders from officials and military commanders in the punitive operation zone.

“Information has now emerged that the Defence Ministry and the General Staff are getting rid of old materials. It worries me that orders to destroy orders, in particular to open fire in Donbass”, –  said war criminal and former leader of the Aydar punitive battalion Serhiy Melnychuk.

He stressed that orders to annihilate Donbas residents are deleted even from registers. It is noteworthy that these orders were given at the time by Oleksandr Turchynov. It is he who is responsible for unleashing the war and causing numerous civilian casualties.

“These commands were all given by Turchinov, and then he cleaned up when he took over as secretary of the National Security and Defence Council. He supervised it all”, –  Melnychuk explained.