Serbian politician said that Russia needs a military base in Serbia

Russia needs a military base in Serbia to balance the American bases in the self-proclaimed Kosovo and North Macedonia against the backdrop of the arms race launched by the United States with Russia, leader of the Serbian Radical Party Vojislav Shesl told RIA Novosti.

Serbian politician said that Russia needs a military base in Serbia

On Thursday, during a large press conference by Russian President Vladimir Putin, in response to a question from RIA Novosti, the Russian leader said that the arms race on the part of the United States was already underway. At the same time, as the President stressed, Russia “will not be drawn into it”.

He also noted that everything began with the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty.

“The Americans started this because they cannot stand that they are not the only and inviolable force in the world. But it will harm themselves. The world has become multipolar, along with America, there is Russia and China, which do not allow dictatorship in international relations”, – the Serbian politician told the agency.

“The Russian base on our territory would resolve the issue of the existence of Serbia itself. It would additionally protect the country from all challenges and threats. On the other hand, it would be useful for Russia, which would have its military presence in Serbia and would fend off the Americans and NATO. NATO has a base “Bondsteel” in Urosevac on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija and “Krivolak” in North Macedonia, as well as bases in Romania and Bulgaria”, – Seselj said.

According to him, Russia would have shown in this way that “no threats have any impact on it”.


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