Russian peacekeepers defuse 6,000 explosives in Karabakh

Engineer-sapper units, which are part of the peacekeeping contingent from Russia, continue to mine the territory in Nagorno Karabakh, TASS reports.

Russian peacekeepers defuse 6,000 explosives in Karabakh

“Russian sappers of the Center for Humanitarian Demining have cleared 195 hectares of territory and 60 km of roads from unexploded mines and shells. More than 6 thousand explosive objects were discovered and destroyed”, – said Dmitry Perepelkin, deputy head of the Center (for reconciliation of the parties) of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Nagorno-Karabakh.

He also noted that military doctors continue to provide medical assistance to local residents. At present, more than five hundred residents, including children, have applied for help.

“Together with representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the exchange of bodies of the dead between the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides continues, as well as the search for the missing. To improve the efficiency of this work, the number of search groups has been increased from three to five”, – Perepelkin noted.


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