US tells why country loses Arctic race to Russia

Although Washington has laid claims to the Arctic, the Americans are unable to ensure their influence in the ice

US tells why country loses Arctic race to Russia


The situation is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

The problem is that the United States has no icebreaker fleet, writes the American edition “The National Interest”. Now the country has only two ships of this type: one of them has been in operation for half a century, and the second is not able to put to sea due to fire.

Technically, the US could correct the mistake. The political hurdles are more difficult to overcome, the article says. The current plan to replace the Coast Guard’s aging ships involves building three heavy and three medium-sized ships. It would be difficult to call it grandiose, because the United States would not be able to compete with Russia anyway. In particular, all US icebreakers will be equipped with diesel-electric engines. Russia is building nuclear-powered icebreakers.

The publication calls such a development strange, given that the U.S. positions itself as an economically powerful nation. But many US ports are simply afraid of ships with nuclear reactors, although from the environmental point of view, coal-fired power plants are much more detrimental.

The fear may be justified by the fact that the US Coast Guard has no experience with nuclear-powered ships. In other words, the government will also have to launch a programme to train a generation of marine nuclear engineers. Only the current US Arctic strategy is devoid of any serious ambition, writes NI. But Joe Biden will have to do some serious work in this direction, if the US wants to achieve anything at all in the Arctic. Until then, the Americans will lose out to Russia.


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