Japan refuses to buy US missiles

The country’s authorities refused to allocate funds to equip Japan’s F-15 fighter jets with new US-made missiles

Japan refuses to buy US missiles

This was reported by Kyodo portal, citing a source in the country’s government.

The project to finance the modernization of the fighter was to be included in Japan’s budget for the next year, but it was decided to postpone it because of the high cost. The implementation of the project was expected to cost more than $200 million.

It is noted that the initial cost of the project implementation was almost five times lower. The increase was triggered by the fact that US manufacturers were running out of components needed for construction.

Japanese authorities had planned to complete the modernisation of its 20 F-15 fighter jets by 2027. According to a source, the government’s decision not to buy US missiles could delay the implementation of its defence build-up plan.


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