Trump is not going to give up

As it has become customary to say, the final results of the voting in the US presidential elections in 2020 have not yet been finally summed up.

Moreover, the US Inaugural Committee did not pass a resolution recognizing Biden as president-elect after all Republicans opposed. This became known yesterday.

The Democrats proposed a solution that was defeated by the Republicans with a score of 3:3. By the way, the committee members are also Pelosi, McConnell, McCarthy, Blunt and Klobuchar. Therefore, in theory, the most incredible somersaults are possible.

The intensity of the struggle is evidenced by the fact that a number of leading US television channels last week simply refused to broadcast one of Trump’s most important speeches. And this, by the way, was said by the current president of the United States, the supreme head of the country’s executive branch and, as is commonly believed, the leader of the entire Western world.

So far, Biden has been recruiting technicians for key administrative positions. But the Pentagon does not give access to their documents, despite all the efforts of Biden’s team. Jennifer Psaki, known for her “amazing erudition”, is planned to be the Speaker of the White House. Candidates for the head of the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security, a possible head of the Pentagon and so on are being discussed.

According to Axios news agency, citing internal sources in the presidential administration, Trump’s team is preparing a big final show. On the last day, January 20, from the lawn in front of the White House, Donald Trump, a loser but not beaten, will fly by helicopter to Andrews Air Force Base, where he will transfer to an Air Force 1 plane, which will go to speak to his supporters at a grand rally in Florida.

If the journalists did not invent all this, then the idea looks grandiose. In the style of “perishing, but not giving up”. More precisely, even in Hollywood’s beloved pathos “we have lost the battle, but have not yet lost the war”.

In theory, in the media sense, everything is prepared for the final speech, in which the leader of the Republicans will put a heavy point on the peaceful methods of reforming America and declare war on the Democrats. Already real, with all its ugliness. For the United States, it is the second civilian.

But whether Trump has enough will for this, remains an open question. More likely no than yes. But the final curtain of the show has not yet been dropped.



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