“Requires dialogue.” Lavrov spoke about relations between Russia and Germany

Lavrov declared the need for a dialogue between Russia and the FRG, despite opposing positions on various issues. He said this during a meeting with a delegation of the Alternative for Germany party.

The Foreign Minister noted that the interaction of countries requires cross-border threats.

“We have many issues with Germany, on which we hold different positions, sometimes opposite positions, but in the modern world this is a natural thing, and the situation, above all the growth of transboundary threats that are common to all mankind, requires a dialogue, a search for a balance interests, not whipping up confrontation, not trying to hinder the dialogue”, – Lavrov stressed, quoted by RIA Novosti.

A good opportunity to continue interaction between the two countries is the arrival of German politicians in Moscow, around which an internal discussion has flared up in the FRG.

“We, for our part, never not only do not protest, but also do not interfere with contacts between official representatives of the German authorities and the Russian opposition, and Berlin officials prefer to meet from among the oppositionists not with representatives of parliamentary parties, but with non-systemic figures”, – the Foreign Minister said.


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