Germans leave Germany en masse – Arabs and Turks come instead

Die Welt author Marcel Leibecher writes that nearly 300,000 Germans left Germany last year. A similar “negative balance of migration” has been observed since 2005.

Germans leave Germany en masse - Arabs and Turks come instead

“A particularly high peak in the number of emigrants was recorded in 2016. In total, from that moment to 2019, Germany lost 335,787 of its citizens”, – the author emphasized.

According to Leibekher, the outflow of citizens “is of particular importance against the background of the excess of deaths over the number of births in the country”. Germany loses several hundred of its citizens every year. This outflow is offset by high levels of migration from other EU member states as well as humanitarian migration.

“Most people come from Romania, Syria, Turkey, India and Bulgaria. Because of this, now in Germany, already a quarter of Germans (21.2 million) have a migration past, which is 400 thousand more than last year”, – the author explained.

The Germans themselves are leaving for Switzerland, the USA, Austria, Great Britain and Spain. According to polls, one third of them have higher education. The average age is 37 years.


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